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Dallas County Parts
PHONE: 515-971-8321
Lane Keller, Owner
About Dallas County Parts
Starting in 1999, my step-father introduced me to the profession of dealing in New Old Stock (NOS) car parts. What started out as a hobby is now Dallas County Parts, with a world-wide presence and a pasion to find those remaining pieces of Detroit gold for those American muscle cars and iron dinosaurs that still roam the streets. 

For the last 13 years, our primary store front has been on Ebay.Com under "dallascountyparts". You'll see that I have earned over 5,500 positive customer feedback and Ebay's Top Seller status. We ship our products world-wide and are happy to have many repeat customers thru the years. 
Where Do You Get This Stuff...?
That's the fun part! Almost all of my items are un-used, in their original boxes, and likely haven't seen the light of day for decades. We travel the Midwest visting old car dealerships, attending auctions, and working the swap meet circuits in Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, and Kansas. There's lots of travel, digging in hot attics and dark basements to bring these items to you. Along the way we get to meet some really great people and see some history every time we open a box.
Do You Have A............
Ah yes, the toughest question I always get! The answer to that question is almost always ".. Yes, I probably do." The reality is, I often don't know if I have that specific part you need... until I stumble upon it. Nearly all of our purchases are done buy the van or truck load. There are some cartons  in my garage that I don't even know what's in them. Bear with me and keep an eye on my Ebay auctions for those parts you need. Let me know if there's something specific you're looking for and I will do my best to contact you if I find it.